Launching Soon: Who am I – Who are We
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Launching Soon: Who am I – Who are We

About Us

Who is IFNASA?

Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is a progressive, politically not-aligned, independent, public benefit organisation, created in 2016 by seasoned activists advocating for the Khoe-San First Nation status, advocating the abolishment of Racial Categorization, working towards a racially inclusive society, a liberated and flourishing South Africa.

As an advocacy organisation, focusing on the restoration of the Khoe and San Identity, Culture, Language, Land, Socio-economic empowerment, through Research and Policy Formulation in promoting Social Integration and Cohesiveness amongst All South Africans, which must based on Equality, Fairness and Justice for All.

IFNASA is equally an "Indigenous Think Tank" who advocate for Aboriginal rights locally and internationally, while seeking solutions to some of the country’s most pressing challenges of: joblessness, poverty eradication, economic inclusiveness, transformative education, quality health care and general upliftment of Indigenous First Nation and All South Africans irrespective of ethnicity. IFNASA was instrumental in the first ever South African Human Rights Commission Report on the Injustice meted against the Khoe and San also called Coloured. IFNASA was established to help Liberate our people who are incorrectly identified as Coloureds.

Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) platform aspire to Neutralize the ongoing “Racism of Racial Categorization. We will attempt this by Dialogues, Conversations, Conferences and Workshop around the country. It has become important to distinguish the work that different organizations are focusing on in the Khoe-San-Coloured community. Our partnership with organizations in so-called Black Communities has helped us to “Re-position” the organization as an all inclusive platform focusing on the total emancipation of all S.A. citizens. The reason for making clear our distinctive offerings is so that the ordinary people on the ground, funders and possible donors know exactly what it is that our organization is focusing on.

Education, Cultural liberation, including Research and Development will remain the most important component of any serious organization. There is way too much speculation and conjecture that need our collective attention and correction. Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) identified Four Research and Development Commissions that would potentially offer the South African Nation opportunities to eradicate the Identity (Origin), Cultural, Heritage, Land and Education contradictions as it pertains to the Coloured Nation, seed of Khoena and /Xam Nation. Until all internal dynamics of the Boesman-Khoekhoe-Coloureds are excavated, South Africa will remain in an ethical and moral deficit. Until all internal dynamics of All South Africans are put under the microscope of resolutions, we will continue treating one another with suspicion.

Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is Unapologetically focusing on Coloured-Khoe-San Liberation in order to help Fully Liberate South Africa. We are much more than a pressure group pertaining to the issues of Boesman (San), Khoe (KhoeKhoe) and Coloured Enlightenment. IFNASA provides a platform of Tolerance, Respect and Self-control.

Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is structured on three fundamental pillars:

  • To provide Leadership, Education (including Academic Papers) and Awareness to the Indigenous First Nation of South Africa also known as Coloured’s (an identity primarily imposed through forced assimilation) and the broader society liberation.
  • To occupy the Vacuum left as it pertains to Legal Matters, Community – People Development and Knowledge Development, including Coloured Identity Morph, General Nguni/Bantu/European/Indian Identity Mutation and Advancement of Land Restitution and Recompense.
  • To provide a Local, National and International Platform for Consultation, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution between the Indigenous First Nation, Indigenous Africans, Government, Traditional Groups and International Aborigines and relevant stakeholders.


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