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IFNASA WESTERN CAPE Press Release – Hangberg Injustice

IFNASA WESTERN CAPE Press Release – Hangberg Injustice

20th June 2020

IFNASA WESTERN CAPE – Press Release – Hangberg Injustice

IFNASA Western Cape – The Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) who unapologetically fight for the Human Rights of those Classified as Coloureds, is enraged by the apartheid styled ‘Crushing of Nonconforming Voices’. We would like to take this opportunity to categorically condemn the continued oppressive actions of the City of Cape Town on the Khoe People wrongly Classified as Coloureds. This is in particularly our response to the recent brutality and horrific scenes which have played out in the Khoe community of Hangberg.

We watched live footage as the City’s Law Enforcement amused themselves and emotionally heightened themselves up to further oppress a community defending their rights. A community which, according to a document, namely UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People), and not ‘ratified (not endorsed)’ by SA, we should be protected by the government as aboriginal people.
We were further appalled to see the army being called to assist in this oppressive operation by the City of Cape Town. With the army being deployed to assist in the fight against Covid-19, we however yet again bear witness of the South African National Défense Force being used to crush its own citizens.

As an organisation advocating for the rights of the Khoe and! Xam nations, we understand and applaud the community for rising up and challenging the forces used against them. Such is the way of the system that it is our own people jumping at the opportunity to enforce oppressive rules on us, designed by those with the intention of keeping us oppressed. Our own people coming to destroy the informal structures, which is needed to keep our children protected, is unthinkable. Our own, who do not own their own houses, coming to cause further destruction in the very communities they return to after these heinous acts.

Furthermore, we call on the South African Human Rights Commission to immediately hold Provincial and National Government to account for ignoring their recommendations within their report on the Khoe and San people. e%20Humn%20Rights%20of%20the%20Khoi-San%20-%2014%20March%202018%20(003).pdf

Thus, because we are of the firm opinion that the racial classification “Coloured” remains a systemic tool to keep the Khoe and San nation oppressed. This classification removes us from our ancestral rights to the land which the oppressor continues to believe is his/hers to do with as they deem fit, and to the detriment of the Khoe and San nations.

With immediate effect, IFNASA – Western Cape will endeavor to have the following addressed:

(i) Why was such a massive operation signed off on if the intention was but to remove a single informal structure?
(ii) Why are such actions disproportionately meted out on the Khoe community?
(iii) Why was the army used in this operation?
(iv) SAHRC to act within its rights and obligations and have the aforementioned report’s recommendations enforced.

We simply cannot remain inactive whilst our communities are targeted by an inhumane government.

For more information, contact
Shaun MacDonald
078 707 5452
Western Cape Provincial Leader
IFNASA – Western Cape