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Launching Soon: Who am I – Who are We


Media Statements

  • South Africa’s Point of No Return
    South Africa is preparing for a Revolution, a Uprising with catastrophic consequences, can we See it and are we Ready? I decided to add a little spice to this article we placed on the IFNASA Blog some time ago. The prolific minds of Mogues and Carter (2004) suggest that an individual’s investment in “Social Capital is Shaped by Social Identity”. This may offer analyst and researchers possible perspective, that the historical lack of advancement of the Coloured Population can be explained by their “Social Identity” injustice. Likewise, the poverty stricken social standing of the majority of the Bantu-Nguni equally could […]
  • S.A Electoral Act In-Denial
    Media Statement 15th September 2018 S. A Electoral Act In-Denial The “Fake” electoral system which has been paraded as a justifiable voting system, cheated many sincere and unsuspecting community members across the country out of opportunities to field the best candidate to represent them in both the Provincial and National Elections since 1999. The current electoral system was intended purely to be transitional, yet political parties remain reluctant and indisposed to fix the mess. Cabinet resolved on the 20th March 2002 that an Electoral Task Team (ETT) should be established to “draft the new electoral legislation required by the Constitution”. […]
  • Indigenous First Nation Advocacy Khoe-San Land Summit Statement
    The Khoe and San Land Summit founding Statement: “Racial Categorization perpetuates racism! We reject the so called “Black” notion because it’s a colonial imposed label, racially motivated and devoid of any academic or intellectual substance. The Land called South Africa historically was occupied by the San and the Khoe before any other group. The Land must be returned symbolically first to the Khoe and San and than a negotiated settlement is justified.” Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA), who organized the recent Khoe and San Land Summit carefully observe the continuous contradictions and conflicts in South African since democracy, […]
  • Khoi San Land Summit
    The Land Question like the National Question remains animated and mystifying. How did the First People of the most southern tip of Africa, who had full occupation of South Africa, end up occupying less than 10% of the Land mass size of 472,281 square miles? South Africa is crossing the proverbial “Rubicon” again. It is public knowledge that we as a country reached various crossings of no return. The Land debate is arguably at the pinnacle of our countries moment of “Truth”. South Africa as a new democracy revealed inexplicable and curios contradictions, contrast, cracks, dissimilarities, disagreements and denials. The […]