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S.A Electoral Act In-Denial

S.A Electoral Act In-Denial

Media Statement 15th September 2018

S. A Electoral Act In-Denial

The “Fake” electoral system which has been paraded as a justifiable voting system, cheated many sincere and unsuspecting community members across the country out of opportunities to field the best candidate to represent them in both the Provincial and National Elections since 1999. The current electoral system was intended purely to be transitional, yet political parties remain reluctant and indisposed to fix the mess. Cabinet resolved on the 20th March 2002 that an Electoral Task Team (ETT) should be established to “draft the new electoral legislation required by the Constitution”. The mandate was to “formulate the parameters of new electoral legislation and draft it in order to prepare for the scheduled National and Provincial elections of 2004 or any earlier election, should the need arise” and include political parties in its consultations with stakeholders.
Dr. Van Zyl Slabbert’s report exposed the current system as inadequate and broken. He was given the unenviable task of finding a more responsive system that will accurately represent the masses of the people. The provisions of the final Constitution relating to an electoral system do not, however, extend beyond the 1999 elections. The Constitution requires that an electoral system be introduced through the enactment of national legislation. Thus, there is at present no electoral system prescribed for the conduct of the national and provincial elections scheduled for 2019, which will adequately represent the People at grassroots level, so the time has come to challenge the status quo.
The current situation cannot continue uncontested as millions of South African’s are expected to cast their votes, yet the level of hopelessness is at record highs, while the electoral system and the leader’s remains opposed to natural justice and constitutionality.
The Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) together with the New Nations Movement as the first applicant, Mrs. Chantal Dawn Revell, Mediation Foundation for Peace and Justice, GRO and additional organizations is in the process of lodging a constitutional challenge in the Western Cape High Court to contest the current provisions in the Electoral Act. We will be calling a Media Briefing the week 17th to 21st September 2018. South African Electoral Act is in Denial.

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